Boasting trust and achievements,
Riken corundum abrasive cloth paper

which is proud of reliance and an actual result


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    Technologies such as "AI", "EV", "IoT", etc. are becoming more sophisticated everyday, and efficiency of development processing method is required. Therefore, new issues to be solved are increasing.
    In response to these challenges, we will try to develop into new fields and industries with technologies that make use of our strengths.
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    Why not utilize our technology for expanding sales channels?
    Based on know-how accumulated over many years, we have many achievements in a wide range of fields from industrial to consumer related. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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    New technology and new materials are born, polishing needs are diversifying and changing.
    We are constantly striving to provide products that meet our customers' objectives through our technology and services.
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What company is Riken Corundum?
Grinding / polishing technology that supports world-class Japanese manufacturing.
We are doing daily training of old and new technology.

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  • Message

    By sharpening and polishing everything, we will support the manufacturing industry and the familiar life in Japan and the world. Since our company was established for the purpose of manufacturing and selling abrasive cloth paper based on the abrasive material developed at RIKEN in 1935 (Showa 10 years), we are thankful to December 2015 Celebrated its 80th anniversary. For this, thank you very much for your dealings and suppliers and thank you deeply.

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  • History

    It is 83 years since this founding in 1935. In 2016, we held a ceremony commemorating the 80th anniversary of the establishment, we were able to deepen our fellowship with shareholders, distributors and retailers and local people. For the next time to break, we will continue to devote ourselves to creating good products for our 90th anniversary and the coming 100th anniversary, so that we can become a good partner of everyone.

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